by “Victoria” Darlene Alexander-Randolph


(Spring 2015, Victoria had a vision while praying & then painted *Women Who Pray* in the Bethel Healing Rooms) . *WOMEN WHO PRAY* is a vision of women throughout time praying for their loved ones & the world

[from left to right]:

THE VICTORIOUS QUEEN: the standing woman represents the Royal Woman. The Biblical Queen Ester honored her calling from God of brave intercession to saved her people. She went from a common life to entering palaces of kingdoms of her day to bring down redemption from Heaven. During her years of beautifying preparation for this mission, she embraced in her heart the beauty of the LORD. She radiated the deeply implanted Word of God until the fruit of her life shined forth to many.

THE INNOCENT GIRL: children are our future. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me”. As we listen to our children’s prayers we are humbled and transferred from religion into love.

THE ELDER WOMAN: Centurions are to be honored, cherished and cared for by us all. We learn from their overcoming faith. She is strong! Lifting up her right arm she declares the prayer of faith because she knows God is her only help. Because her unwavering faith,she has a great reward in the joy set before her and a double joy in knowing her true reward is in Heaven. Her prayer is like a bank account and on the Day of the LORD; she will fully know the fulfillment of all her prayer.

THE MOTHER: A Mother makes her home for her husband and children and grandchildren. The Mother is enduring; finding the grace of God to give her life as a faithful one day in and night: 24/7. Her children cry “Mommie” “ Mama” “Mom” “Mother”. She answers the hundred questions a day as a Teacher to her children. As the years go by and her children grow up to become the people of the world she continues to grow in love to be their Mother and Grandmother. Millions come into the Kingdom of God everyday by her fruitful love. “Faith working through love” is her motto. Her Husband knows and trusts her believing her love is true and thriving in the home she creates. Her arms of love are for all and her heart and soul know well the love of God and others in her home.

THE DEFIANT WOMAN: Each woman faces her own reflection in the mirror of God’s word. When we each look deep into our own eyes we can see our deep need for a Savior. The day of Salvation comes to all women when we ask for forgiveness for our sin and then turn away from failure.

THE NEW YOUNG MOTHER: New hope is born in the heart of a New Young Mother. She is expectant with HOPE. Her prayer is : “Let it be done unto me according to your word LORD”. In surrender to her true soul mate she grows in faith to be born of the Holy Spirit of God into her new eternal life. The new life growing in her are the dreams and future of us all.

THE FAMOUS WOMAN: In life this woman is given a beauty people notice. She really knows in her heart beauty cannot buy happiness. She looks past the fame and beyond into Heaven. She looks at the world in all its beauty, fame and glory to see the real need for a loving Savior who can fill her with the true love she wants. Because she has turned aside to see the famous one Jesus, now she can find her true love forever and have a home to cherish. Now she stands in the complete in the beauty of her Creator united to walk together see the whole Earth though God’s loving eyes.


Interpretation by the Artist Alexander-Randolph